Risposte esatte ai daily quiz di Restaurant City

A gran richiesta, ecco le risposte  esatte a tutti i daily quiz che compaiono nel social game Restaurant City su Facebook quando si clicca sulla mail box. Ovviamente D sta per domanda ed R per risposta ;)

D: What is a Calzone?
R: A turnover made of pizza dough

D: What is coconut?
R: Fruit

D: What is chinese gooseberry called in ancient time?
R: Kiwi

D: To saute a dish, means to?
R: Fry quickly in hot pan

D: To blanch a vegetable, means to?
R: Boil and Cool off quickly

D: To Proof dough means to…
R: Allow it to rise

D: To poach something means?
R: To cook in boiling water

D: A coconut is a?
R: Fruit

D: What is Hashi?
R: Chopsticks

D: What is chocolate bloom?
R: Cocoa fat or sugar

D: What is Stracchino?
R: a fresh cheese from Italy

D: What is Saffron?
R: Spice

D: Granny apple is?
R: Green

D: Caviar is made from?
R:Fish eggs

D:Sauerkraut is made from?
R:Fermented cabbage

D: Dim Sum originated from which country?
R: China

D: A tomato is a?
R: Vegetable

D: Chilli is a?
R: Chilli is a fruit

D: In England, French Fries are called?
R: Chips

D: Naan Bread is served with… ?
R: Indian Food

D: The pizza originates from which country?
R: Italy

D: The main ingredients in Tzatziki are?
R: Yoghurt and Cucumber

D: Tofu is made of …. ?
R: Soybean

D: Kimchi is a Korean dish made of fermented?
R: Vegetables

D: Venison is the meat from what animal?
R: Deer

D: In which restaurant would you typically find tacos?
R: Mexican

D: In which restaurant would you typically find Calzone?
R: Italian

D: In which restaurant would you typically find Tapas?
R: Spanish

D: In which restaurant would you typically find sushi?
R: Japanese

D: Lard is the fat obtained from which animal?
R: Pig

D: Sauerkraut is made from?
R: Fermented cabbage

D: What is stracchino
R: A fresh cheese from italy

D: Natto, a traditional Japanese food, is made from fermented?
R: Soybeans

D: To refresh vegetables is….?
R: To immerse in COLD water

D: Prunes are dried…?
R: Plums

D: Kimchi is a korean dish made of fermented…
R: Vegetables

D: The main ingredient in ratatouille is?
R: Tomatoes. Ratatouille is a vegetarian dish

D: Chicago-style pizzas are generally
R: Thin crust

D: The rump is found where on the cow?
R: Mid

D: Bechamel sauce is also known as…
R: White Sauce

D: Which sauce is typically used in the dish eggs benedict?
R: Hollandaise sauce

Q: Steak tartare is a meat dish made from raw?
A: Beef

D: Dulce de leche is prepared by heating…?
R: Sweetened Milk

D: Foie gras is food made from which part of an animal?
R: Liver

D: The flank is found where on the cow?
R: Mid

D: To garnish a food means?
R: Add final touches

D: Calamari is fried?
R: Squid

D: Grapes grow on?
R: Vines

D: The main ingredient in Guacamole is?
R: Avocado

D: A crepe is typical a …?
R: Thinly cooked pancake

D: Honey comes from?
R: Bees

D: Which continent produces the most cocoa?
R: Africa

D: Which sauce used in Egg Benedicts?
R: Hollandaise sauce

D: Which of these chillies is the spiciest?
R: Naga jolokia pepper

D: Where did Feta Cheese come from?
R: Greece

D: What is the color of Rhubarb?
R: Red

D: What is the most expensive spice in the world?
R: Saffron

D: Where is the hamburger originaly from?
R: United states

D: What is the main ingredient in Hummus?
R: Chickpeas

D: Which of the following spices is the most expensive??
R: Pure Vanilla

D: Where does taco orignate from?
R: Mexico

D: Where is Tuna from?
R: Salt Water

D: What is the main ingredient of wasabi?
R: Horseradish

D: What is Ketchup made of?
R: Tomatoes

R: What color is Tuna meat?
D: Pink

Qualora vi fossero capitati quiz diversi, segnalatelo con un commento che li inseriremo prontamente!

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